Lets Get Some Shoes

This is not really a post about me, it sorta is because it’s mostly about me here.  What I mean is it’s not my traditional update (don’t worry one is coming and trust me it’s a doozy).  And for those of you who didn’t catch the homage to one of my favorite videos from college, check it out (p.s. don’t watch this at work or in front of easily offended people).

I’m not sure if I got the chance to mention before that I have the most AMAZING husband.  I am the luckiest girl (in that regard).  It was our 5 year wedding anniversary last month and he got me the best gift a girl could ask for… shoes!

Not just any shoes, sparkly shoes!

Much Sparkle

Much Sparkle

Needless to say, not only am I the luckiest girl because I have an amazing husband, but we also happen to be friends with amazingly talented people!

Let me start by introducing Red Soles Reborn.  I have lusted after our friend Crystal’s stupid amazing designs for years.  But financially they have always been out of reach.  I would stare longingly at the beautiful and sparkly pumps and booties and just dream.

So to say I was shocked to open the box and see my very own, hand crafted, strappy, sparkly stilettos, is an understatement.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Very few things will make me tear up, and these shoes definitely did.  I am torn between wearing them everywhere and not taking them out of the box.

Like a glove!

Like a glove!

But this is really just a dedication to the amazing people in my life who remind me, even when I’m feeling unlucky, I’m actually the luckiest girl in the world.


Between my dress, my shoes, and my arm candy I felt like the bell of the ball at formal night

Between my dress, my shoes, and my arm candy I felt like the bell of the ball at formal night

To get yourself (because treat yo’self) or a loved one something extra special and extra sparkly go check out Crystal’s site.  Even if you’re not in the market, it’s like looking at fine art.   You can tell your friends you’re just fancy like that.




  1. I have got to say that the pictures honestly do not do the shoes justice! They have an AMAZING effect to them. The sparkle is somehow “warm.” I can’t really describe it. When Kate was wearing them on the ship I saw more than one lady with her jaw open, staring in amazement!

  2. They are beautiful!!
    The physical therapist in me is worried about a twisted ankle in your future. But then your awesome husband would just swoop you up in his arms and carry you away! 🙂
    “Walk placidly amid the noise & haste…….”
    and walk carefully. 😉
    Love you

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