Mom wrote an update!

Christmas, 2016

Hi everyone! I’m Kate’s mom, and I’ll be doing a blog update for everyone who’s been asking. When I tell you what the holidays were like, you’ll understand why Kate has not had time to do this herself!

First, the short version:

Christmas turned out to be fun!

Kate is still Kate

We’d be a lot better off if we could keep Dennis out of the hospital.

The plan was for Dennis to drive to Missouri to visit his family. He left on Friday December 18, and Kate was to fly up December 23. His family does a big party on Christmas eve, and not as much on Christmas morning…so they would drive back to Texas on Christmas morning, probably making it a 2 day drive…Well, you know that saying about the best laid plans?

Friday December 18, I got off of work, excited that I had the next week off and was not due back in the office until December 28! I was getting ready for bed at 8:30 when Dennis called me from Missouri. Kate was sick and he couldn’t get a hold of Kate’s sister. Well, I knew where she was. She and her fiancé were at his work’s Christmas party, and I knew she wouldn’t be looking at her phone! So I got re-dressed and went to Kate’s apartment. It’s about 45 minutes from my house. I stopped at the store for a thermometer, Gatorade, and chicken soup. I got to her place and she was sick, but not life threateningly sick and she won’t go to the hospital until she’s too weak to stop you and you drag her. So I spent the night there, turning on the fan when she got hot and bringing blankets when she got chills. Allison called at midnight, and I told her I had it under control.


By morning she was not good, but OK. I went back to my place to get clothes and glasses and stuff like that as I had just flown out of the house the night before. I brought Kate’s beloved Pug to grandpa to take care of while she was not feeling well, in anticipation that she might end up in the hospital.

I got back at noon on Saturday, and Kate’s sister was there cleaning everything up. Kate was cycling between chills and fever, but really not much to do except keep her hydrated. She ate nothing. A literal crust of bread, but I just settled in for the long haul. We napped and watched Netflix and fell asleep about 11pm watching the PBS series on prohibition. And at 1:45 Kate was up throwing up. So by 3:00 I had convinced her to go to the hospital. We got there at 4:00am, and by 8:00am they had her admitted, but no room. We got into a room at 8:00 that night. Yep. Only 16 hours in the emergency room! Last time it was 2 days before she got a room.


So I spend the next few days in the hospital with Kate during the day, and her sister and fiancé came at night. Remember, she was supposed to leave on Wednesday for Missouri, but by Tuesday it was pretty clear that was not happening. So Dennis drove back, straight thru on December 23, arriving around midnight. And December 24 at 3:45pm they let Kate out of the hospital. I packed up the Christmas feast and took it to Allison’s house, along with everyone’s presents. Kate and Dennis got there about 6:00 and we spent the next couple of hours opening presents. Then we all piled into the car and drove around looking at Christmas lights. It’s a tradition in our family!


Kate’s dad and I went home about 9 pm, and got up at 5am on Christmas day as we had to be at Kate’s by 8:00am. Kate’s sister and fiancé were flying out to North Carolina to visit his family and were leaving for the airport at 9:30am! So we opened the REST of the presents (yeah, everyone went overboard this year!) and ate a breakfast casserole that her sister brought and then they went to the Airport in their pajamas.

Dad and I went home, and thought the drama was over!


Well, not around here…December 26, DENNIS went to the hospital for his Crohn’s disease, and he was there until New Year’s Eve!!!! Of course we had taken the dog back on Christmas day so Kate was now working, taking care of the dog and visiting Dennis in the hospital. I was back at work too, and I HAD to go because everyone else was off!


So they let Dennis out on New Year’s Eve. Kate and Dennis came up to our house on New Year’s Day for a little bit. And the adorable couple in pajamas went camping for the week-end…


Aren’t you glad you asked!




  1. Beth, Not sure how one could convey these events without using quantum mechanics Nonetheless, glad they ended well and appreciate the update. I’ve often wanted your perspective.

  2. Thank you for the informative update. Mother & daughter’s writing styles are very similar: detailed, straight-forward & humorous.
    I’m so sorry the Christmas holiday did not go as planned but, like the poster states, “Life is how you handle Plan B” and you all handled it with such grace & love.
    Here’s hoping & praying that Valentine’s Day goes better!
    Love & prayers

  3. Just now reading this. You and the fam sure have a great attitude about EVERYTHING! But of course, that’s how I remember you’ve always been! Love you and have no words that can add to anything anyone else has ever said about all this mess! Continue on,…………!

    • Thanks, Greer! Miss you!

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