Crohn’s is Shitty and Depression is Real

So it has been a long time since I posted a blog entry. A big reason for that is I didn’t want to. Why didn’t I want to, because I was mad, depressed, and confused. Why was I these things? Because I couldn’t wrap my mind around all the negative things that were happening to myself, my wife, and my family.

Let’s go back a bit to give a you all a bit of my story. I have been the primary caregiver to my beautiful wife Kate since her diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer June 2014. I take this job very seriously. Kate is my best friend, my wife, my confidant, the list goes on. It is my job to make sure she gets the best care and she takes care of herself. If you know Kate you know that getting her to allow you to help her is not the easiest thing to do. Simply put she is a strong independent women.


After about a year of going through the trials and tribulations, I was broken down and knew I needed help. I found a therapist, who has been a Godsend, that has helped me deal with my anxiety and depression. On top of my mental struggles, I also started have random, horrifying, 10 out of 10 painful stomach cramp episodes. For almost a year the doctors could not find out what was wrong with me. So I just pretty much had to “deal with it”.

In October on 2015, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Shorty after my diagnosis I had a very bad episode and ended up in the hospital with a bowel obstruction. During my stay I was given Ambien by my doctor, who did not listen to me, to help me sleep. Once I was “asleep” I proceed to pull out my NG tube from my nose and tore my IV out of my arm. I work up with blood all over myself and very confused. I was discharged a few days later and quickly fired my doctor and went over to Memorial Herman from a recommendation from Kate’s former boss, who also has Crohn’s.

My new doctor Nancy Behazin has been a Godsend, and I feel like she has the tools and knowledge to help me fight this lifelong disease. If you didn’t know there is no cure for Crohns just maintenance.

Since my diagnosis I have been hospitalized 3 other times for the same thing. SO FUN! In hopes of finding a solution, my current treatment is a schedule of infusions of a drug called Remicade that fingers cross will save me from having to have surgery. I do meet with the surgeon on Thursday just so I have all the information. To be honest at this point I kind of just want to have the surgery and be done with it.

Now let’s be clear removing the section of my bowl that is constantly causing problems will releive the issue for a while, but like I said there is no cure for Crohns it is a lifelong disease. There will always be a chance that another section will become inflamed and we will have to find a different treatment. They can’t just keep cutting out my bowl. To state the obvious due to these new events things went from being tough to awful being .04534c6079f854cc1cbfbd3fd6b82695

This has lead to a very serious a difficult battle with depression. In the pas,t I had always thought depression to be something that a person through positivity and strength could deal with by themselves. I now know this is not the case. Depression is a very real thing and assistance is needed. I feel as though I have a team that surrounds me that will allow me to get through this valley.

So there you have it. You have my update on what has happened to me over the last year. Oh yeah I almost forgot I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis as well. You know what the kicker is to that one. There is no treatment plan for a 32-year-old man. Because 32-year-old men don’t get Osteoporosis.

I plan on blogging more and giving you my insight on being a caretaker of my beautiful wife, and also to update on my situation as well.

One last thing. If you haven’t read Kate’s post we will be running another fundraiser. Now with my own numerous hospital visits finance have gone from bad to worse, and we need your help. Please consider helping in any way possible. You can donate at here. We will also be doing another order of the kates fight shirts so if that is your bag look out for that.