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So, I’m Kate.  Most people looking that this will probably already have a basic understanding of who I am, but in case someone has wandered on here I’ll give the run down.  I’m 29 years old, I work as a social work case manager for the Felony Mental Health Court, I live in Houston with my husband, sister, dog, and three cats (only two are ours).  I have a masters degree in psychology and a bachelors degree in … psychology…  I don’t want this to have an AA feel to it, but “Hi I’m Kate and I have metastatic stage 4 melanoma.”

That’s your basic information.  Also, I am usually very stringent about writing rules.  I was chastised repeatedly in my academic career for “writing like you talk.”  For the purpose of this I will be writing like I talk.  Assume that everything you read has a sarcastic tone.

This will be a place for everyone to get updates on my medical status, how I’m feeling, what my treatment options are, etc.  As much as I love everyone and deeply appreciate everyone asking about me, I get really tired of explaining it over and over again.  This isn’t meant to offend anyone (you will know it when I’m being intentionally offensive), but just on days that I can’t talk about it anymore I will refer you to here.  Already I have had such a HUGE outpouring of cards, text messages, facebook messages, and a variety of goodies, I know I am blessed.  I live 5 minutes away from the best cancer treatment center in the world, I have an oncologist in the family, and my treatment team is AMAZING.  Although my doctor is perpetually telling me I’m taking things “really well” not in like a “whew I’m so glad she’s taking it well,” more like, “WTF is wrong with this chick, does she not speak English, BITCH THIS IS BAD!!!”  I don’t think I’m taking things really well, I just don’t want to dwell on things I can’t change.  I’m not really interested in hearing the doom and gloom of it all, I just want to have a plan.

Also, just so everyone knows I’m not dying (yet).  I don’t plan on dying anytime soon, but I’m also not afraid of death.  I could walk out in front of a bus tomorrow.  Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people.  I can’t get hung up on that.  I can only try to make my life and my place in this world worth while.  As young as I am I have had a more fulfilling life and a bigger impact on my community than a lot of people do in their whole lives.  So I really can’t complain.  I have a lot left I want to do, and living is a choice that I have made; really I made that choice a long time ago, which is why I don’t worry about dying.  I’ve worked in schools, in peoples homes, with families, with children, with inmates, with mentally ill people, with homeless people, I know I’ve touched a lot of live and impacted my community for the better.

Another key thing about me, which most of you know, is I don’t believe in beating around the bush.  I’m pretty honest with myself and definitely honest with other people and think that trying to mind everyone else’s feelings only leaves room for confusion.  How much more productive would your meetings be if everyone just came out and was honest about how they are feeling or what they think about something? (this is also why I don’t get invited to meeting where important people need to have their feelings monitored by everyone else in the room, but I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut if there is a free lunch in it for me.)

I hope this gives everyone a good impression of me and my style.  Check back here in future days/weeks for updates.  My wonderful and amazing web designer husband is helping me with this, b/c I don’t work technology well.  I do write in shorthand too, sorry if this is confusing to you.


* I will also make a disclaimer for anyone who would like to use this as an opportunity to steal my identity or find my house and break in, in both instances you will be disappointed.  For some reason a major medical condition and a whole lot of education doesn’t really bump you up the financial ladder.


  1. Kate: Love this. Thank you to you and Dennis for sharing this journey. I love the way you write. It a style I like to read! Sending you lots of hugs and prayers. Hang in there. Rachel has shared bits and pieces with me….so now I’ll look forward to reading your updates.

  2. Kate,
    You are awesome beyond belief! I like your “write like I talk” style.
    And I like your spunk — are you Irish??? Cl:o)3
    (that emoticon leprechaun doesn’t quite look as I wanted in this font…)
    Love & prayers
    3 men & a lady
    (your parents’ neighbors)

  3. Kate….
    WOW!! although I just met you a few months ago, I can sincerely tell you how much YOU ROCK!! I’ve only had a work relationship with you and just talking and emailing back and forth I can see how great of a human being you are. You’re an amazing case manager and I thank God for meeting you and working with you. I love your about you write up. You’ve definitely touched a lot of people and you can add me to that list!! Thank you for being you and thanks for helping me through my many questions and challenges I’ve encountered through my case management process….
    You ROCK! I’m here for whenever you need anything… Thank you for sharing this blog with everyone…
    God bless you…
    Lorena:-) xoxoxo

  4. Having known you my whole life i feel people should know that if there is one person in the world that can handle a situation like this it is you. The weaker person would crumble and ask “why me”… you my friend make a pinterest board full of beautiful things that you need now that you have a cancer card. You look this cancer square in the face and say ” f*** off I’m busy.. ” which is one of the many reason I look up to you.

  5. Kate,
    To say you are an amazing woman just does not say enough. You are so strong, you will win this battle.
    I love you, and you are always in my prayers.
    Aunt Dawn

  6. Hi Kate,

    From one MD Anderrson Patient to another, never give up, never surrender. I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in July 2012 and given 12 months to live. It’s 2 1/2 years and 51 chemo treatments later and I’m still kicking. The Dr’s there are the best, but they don’t determine our expiration date. Keep up the fight and you will be in my prayers.

    • Thank you so much Paul, prayers are totally reciprocated. 51 chemo treatments, wow! I never really understood the fight till I was thrown into it. It really felt like I was dropped into the middle of a war zone. The doctors are amazing, and I love my whole team; but I remember the first few appointments everyone was asking me to make all these decisions, that weren’t really weren’t decisions. Its a roller-coaster and I’m grateful I’m someone that can really roll. Your support is greatly appreciated and I look forward to the day I can give back and help others like I’m being helped.

  7. Kate,
    You are so special, and Dennis is one lucky man to be married to such a strong, fearless woman like you. I’ve just finished catching up on the past 6 months of this blog, reading things known and unknown about you. I’ve seriously gone from crying (thanks a lot, Dennis) to laughing in about 2 seconds. I’ve been saying from the beginning of knowing you that you should write, and I’m sorry, but grateful that cancer is giving you such a profound voice. Your wit is such a lovely gift to share with all of us!

    • Thank you so much Candy! You and Wally have been such a great light in our lives, and I cannot thank you enough for attending all dog related activities with me!

  8. Hi Kate – just searched for blog post about gamma knife (we had our surgeries maybe two days apart?) and came across your blog. I’m sorry you are going through this – but it made me in some sense happy to find someone who is going through what sounds like the same thing I am. I’m so glad you have good support and access to excellent medical care. But I’m also really happy you have a sense of humor about this all. That’s my main weapon too.

    Best wishes. I’m rooting for you.


    • Deborah, I just read through some of your blog! Thank you so much for sharing and visiting with mine, as well as for your support. We are a small community and I’ve been truly amazed at how we come together to support each other, and really we’re all pretty funny! I’m so glad you found me, and I found you! I’m here if you ever need anything.


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