I know asking for money isn’t fun but cancer is really expensive, and we need help to pay for the cancer treatment. If you can please click the link below and make any donation you can. Even if you can’t donate help by donation, please share the link or the blog. All thoughts, prayers, good ju- ju, donations, hugs, cards, or anything of the like helps. Thanks for those who have and thanks to those who will.


  1. Hi Kate!
    Hope all is going well for you. I just read your Justice post. You have some good karma coming back to you for that life-saving deed, no doubt. 🙂 So glad Justice now has a happy home thanks to you.
    On another note, I am the editorial director of YouCaring and wanted to let you know we just featured your YouCaring campaign in our blog post, “Cancer Awareness Fundraising: Hope on the Horizon.”
    We found your blog, and I’ve read several of your posts (“Liz Lemon” and others…all great). You have a pretty unique perspective on things. I was wondering if you’d want to write a guest blog or two for YouCaring? Email me if you’re interested. In the meantime, wishing you all the best and hoping you’re enjoying the summer!
    Lori Tenny

    • Thank you so much Ms. Tenny for your encouragement and for featuring me in your blog post! i seriously never thought anyone would be interested in my perspective, other than like, my mom. So it goes without saying that I am so honored to be asked to be a guest writer. I will for sure follow up with an email, but wanted to say THANK YOU right out the gate this morning for you time and consideration!

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